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Reclaimed bricks

Reclaimed bricks

Reclaimed bricks

If you are looking to match your existing brickwork or looking to build a reclaimed property or caricature walls, contact us now. We have 1000s of bricks in stock.

Our reclaimed bricks are a brilliant way of giving a room or a full building some history as well as looking amazing. We stock some of the best available bricks including Luton Grey. For more information, give us a call now. We also stock large quantities of reclaimed flooring and wall paneling.

Types of bricks available:

  • London Yellow Stocks
  • London Multi-Yellow Stocks
  • Mixed Stocks
  • London Red Multi Stocks
  • Gaulnts
  • Soft Reds
  • Tudors
  • Luton Greys
  • Others styles in stock - please ask for advice
Reclaimed flooring

For reclaimed bricks in London Colney, call

01727 822 986

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